Helping your maid to adjust to life in Singapore

Most maids have come from a rural background. Perhaps your maid is no different. So the adjustment to a modern city like Singapore is a major challenge. You can expect your maid to experience mental bewilderment, psychological stress and emotional distress in the first 3- 6 months. During this vulnerable period, she will be homesick, anxious and even fearful. As her employer you will play a major role in helping her overcome her mental and emotional disequilibrium.

Here are some simple things you can do:

a) Be patient with your maid especially if she is young and this is the first time she is out of the country.

b) Understand that there are some cultural differences that both you and the maid have to adjust to.

c) Establish some simple house rules.

d) Establish a clear routine for her to follow

e) Communicate your expectations to her

f) Help her contact her loved ones back home so that she will be less homesick.

g) Allow her at least one rest day each month.

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