Asking the right questions when hiring a maid

The interview is the most important process in hiring a good maid. Through the interview, you will be able to tell whether there is a right fit between your requirements and her abilities. You will also be able to find out if she can really communicate with you using English and whether she is motivated to work as a maid. You can also find out some other information that will be crucial for you to make a decision. 

The maid is always eager to land the job and is likely to say YES to everything you request. Despite that, it is good to explain clearly her job scope and duties, including your house conditions.  It is good to let the maid know what she can expect. If she expresses any concerns when you mention certain duties or tasks, it is better to clarify that at the interview. Remember too, that even as you assess her as a potential maid, she too is assessing whether you will make a good employer.  So do be patient, polite and speak slowly.

We recommend a 5-step interview process to help you assess the skills set, motivation, attitude and personality of the maid.  However, you must note that English is not her everyday language and the answers may not be entirely satisfactory.  With the right questions, you’ll be able to assess if this maid is the right maid for you.

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Tell the maid about your house situation, condition and environment so that she knows what her duties and responsibilities are. She should know exactly what to expect.

Clarify that she is willing and able to support you. The willingness to learn when a skill is lacking is as important as the ability itself. It shows the maid’s attitude.

Ask her about her past experience relating to your requirements and find out areas where she is able to perform to your expectation, and if where she is not able, whether she is willing to learn.

This is when you verify about her work history, asking about her actual duties with each employer. You want to make sure that the maid does not embellish her work experience or conveniently omit crucial facts.

At this point, you’ll have a fairly good idea whether the maid is the right one for you. Just to be sure, you want to know her motivation for wanting to come to Singapore to work. Any reasons other than financial are a red flag.

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