How not to lose your Security Bond for your maid

The Security Bond is a binding pledge to pay the Singapore government (up to $5,000) if you break the law or the conditions governing the employment of a maid.

The Security Bond is usually bundled with the maid’s personal accident insurance.

You will be discharged from the security bond liability (usually within a week) if you meet all of these conditions:

  • You have cancelled the Work Permit.
  • The maid has returned home.
  • You did not breach any of the conditions of the security bond.

    Your security bond may be forfeited if:
  • You or your maid violate any of the conditions of the Work Permit or security bond.
  • You don’t pay her salary on time.
  • You fail to send her back when her Work Permit is expired, revoked or cancelled, or if she goes missing. If the maid goes missing half of the security bond ($2,500) will be forfeited if you have made reasonable effort to locate her and have filed a police report.

You will not be liable for your maid’s violations (such as those relating to pregnancy) if you can prove that you have:

  • Informed her of the Work Permit conditions she must comply with.
  • Reported a violation when you first become aware of it.
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