Do you have a handphone policy for your maid?


1. The employer recognizes that the maid needs to keep in contact with family and friends.
2. If the maid does not own a handphone, the employer should allow the maid to call home free of charge once a week.
3. If the maid owns a handphone, she should be allowed to use the handphone after working hours (generally accepted as after preparing dinner, the washing up of dishes and the kitchen has been cleaned).
4. It is not recommended that the employer provides the maid with free wifi access to prevent excessive phone usage.


1. The maid recognizes that the use of handphones during working hours may present a safety hazard to the household due to distractions at work.
2. Maids are not allowed to use their own handphones (if any) during working hours.
3. Maids are free to use their handphones after working hours but usage must cease before 12 midnight in order that she has enough rest.
4. Maids must not expect or request free wifi access from employer.
5. The usage of earpiece during working hours is not allowed (regardless of voice calls or listening to music).
6. The handphone must be kept in the maid’s room or bag during working hours.
7. The handphone shall be switched off during working hours.
8. If maid is expecting an important phone call, she shall inform the employer and answer any phone calls only with the permission of the employer.

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